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    "Theory Is Practical"

What's So Special?

Most (if not all) programming textbooks known to me have three properties of the terms inside: redundant, inconsistent, and poorly defined. This book is strikingly different. There is no redundant term. The terms are consistent and well defined.

In addition, most (if not all) of them teach using the term 'keyword'. The courses on this website do not teach programming using the term 'keyword' at all. The courses use six main concepts of programming. They are universally applicable for all topics in the implementation (or the source-code) of any programming: be it network, database, logic, etc.

The plethora of programming languages begs the question: what programming-language used to introduce programming? I made NUSA (Neat Uniform Simple Architecture) for that. NUSA is architecturally simple: it's syntax is written with six main concepts of programming in mind. Its syntax is neat so that the programs' source-code written in NUSA have high degree of uniformity in declaration and definition.

The courses are not limited to NUSA. The courses in this website use C and SQL. NUSA is chosen because it helps understanding the programming better than any other programming-language.

About The Author


Bernaridho Imanuel Hutabarat is the creator of NUSA programming language. He graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology in 1992 (Bachelor of Engineering), and Coventry University in 1997 (M. Sc in Operational Telecommunication). He received an award from CICC Tokyo, earned highest mark in Oracle exam in his company while working in USA, and chosen by Lenovo Singapore to be Olympic 2008 Torch Bearer.


Three courses need VOTO NUSA programming-tool. VOTO NUSA run on top of ubuntu 9.X, RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) 5.0-5.4, and SuSE 11.0-11.2.

Download Ubuntu 9.0 Download NUSA






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